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The morfology as information

De morfologie als informatie. Literatuurstudie naar de mogelijkheden voor de ontwikkeling van een eco-morfologische methode voor vroegtijdige diagnose van multistress. Deel I: Overzicht fenomenologisch onderzoek


Within the broad field of environmental indicators there is place for an 'Early Warning Method'(EWM), to signal multiple stress in terrestric ecosystems before it has led to species' disappearing. Such a new method's results should preferably be also appreciable by policy makers and public. A method based on the form (pheno-type) of plants could comply with these requirements. This because a plant is bound to the place it grows and the form of the plant is, at least partly, determined by the environmental situation of that place. Such a method, that could be called eco-morphological method, doesn't yet exist. Goal of the RIVM project "Multiple stress and morphological variation' is to investigate the possibilities for the development of such an EWM method, based on existing knowledge. A meeting, wherein results of goethean science were presented, showed that within that approach some useful morphological concepts had already been developed. In this report, the possibilities of developing such eco-morfological EWM was investigated, based on an overview of the literature of goethean science on plant forms.

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