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Selection document technological Solutions for environmental deficiencies

Keuzedocument Technologische Oplossingsrichtingen voor milieutekorten


This Selection Document has been drawn up to support a further filling in of environmental-oriented technology policy. It can be used as one of the directive instruments to determine where policy instruments for the environmental-oriented technology policy could be applied. Starting from the environmental deficiencies signalled in the Second National Environmental Policy Plan (NMP-2) and the Third National Environmental Outlook (RIVM, 1993), technological solutions which might contribute to decreasing the environmental deficiencies are identified in this Selection Document. The orientation year for determining environmental deficiencies is 2010. The aim of the study is to indicate for all target groups what contribution technological solutions can make to eliminating/decreasing the environmental deficiencies in 2010. These technological solutions are identified per target group at a process level, based mainly on the causes of the environmental deficiencies at the same level. The most important causes of environmental deficiencies in 2010 are the combustion of fossil fuels and the use (consumption) of (certain) products. Technological solutions for the medium term cannot overcome all environmental deficiencies. Besides technological solutions at a process level a few technological solutions at a chain level are also identified. These can often only be implemented in the long term (after 2010) and can notably radically change the production and consumption structures. The key concept here is the changing and/or decreasing input of raw materials in the economic system.

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