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Definitie voor de opzet van de studie VOLKSGEZONDHEID TOEKOMST VERKENNING 1997


This definition report entitled 'Public Health Status and Forecasts 1997' (PHSF) describes the principles underpinning the second PHSF to be issued in 1997. Firstly, the wishes of the Directorate-General for Health of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport have played an important role in drawing up this report. In addition, comments on PHSF 1993 as well as the views of the editorial staff concerning desired improvements and completions were taken into account. The general objective and function of the PHSF project can be summarized as follows: to provide a review and analysis of the available public health data, with explicit reference to existing gaps in the provision of information, in order to assist health policy in evaluating current policy and preparing new policy. Three main pathways (including seven themes) are formulated for PHSF 1997: a To update the picture presented in PHSF 1993 ; this offers the opportunity to follow developments and it focuses on the continuity of the PHSF process (theme 1). b To extend the scope of PHSF 1993 with five new themes: (theme 2) health differences and the health status of specific groups in the Dutch population, (theme 3) weighting the burden of disease according to severity, amongst other things for the purpose of calculating integrated health indicators, (theme 4) the effects of prevention, (theme 5) the effects of health care, and (theme 6) the consequences of diseases for health care utilisation and health care needs. c To strenghten the integration presented in PHSF 1993 with respect to future developments (theme 7). The first six themes will provide the material to do this. PHSF 1997 aims to improve the use of interactive simulation models to depict changes over time for several related factors. This also makes it possible to investigate interventions related to determinants in order to discover the most effective ways to improve or maintain the health status. The conceptual model presented in PHSF 1993 is maintained to offer a structure for orderly handling of the subject-matter, but it is extended and further detailed to include the new themes. This definition report points out as concretely as possible the position of the themes in the conceptual model, the targets and the suggested approach. By means of the choice of the themes and the way of elaboration, it is intended that PHSF 1997 will be more useful for policy preparation and evaluation than PHSF 1993. Regarding the approach, it is foreseen that an appeal will be made to the considerable expertise of research groups within the National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection and elsewhere. The proposed procedures for quality control are included. Finally a time schedule is presented for the production of PHSF 1997, in which discussion of the content plays a major role.

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