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Functional Design Integration BMNI/LMR

Functioneel Ontwerp Integratie BMNI/LMR


This report presents the monitoring network configuration of the National Radioactivity Monitoring Network (NRM). The NRM is to be constructed of the monitoring networks of the Fire Services Department of the Ministry of the Interior, the Interior Monitoring Network of Nuclear Incidents (BMNI), and of VROM/RIVM, the Dutch Monitoring Network (LMR). The NMR network will be a modular monitoring network configuration, providing radiological information for the measuring strategies of both RIVM and the Fire Services Department of the Ministry of the Interior. The joining of the BMNI and LMR subsystems will be executed by an exchange of data with the central NMR system in Bilthoven. This report describes the necessary adjustments to integrate the two monitoring networks as efficient as possible.

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