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Risk Assessment of toxic chemicals in ecosystems. Final report 'Ecosyteemrendement'

Ecosysteemgerichte risicobeoordeling van stoffen. Eindrapport Ecosysteemrendement


This is the final report of the project 'Ecosysteemrendement'. The goal of the project was the development of an instrument for risk assessment of toxic chemicals, by comparing calculated ecological risks. The instrument consists of two parts: ecosystem classification and a risk-based ecosystem model. The underpinning of the ecological classification was time consuming and needs further quantification of processes and food web structures. The main problem in calculating ecosystem effects proved to be a lack of appropriate dose-response relationships. A regional risk assessment for most toxicants will result in calculated probabilities at exceeding environmental quality criteria or toxicological limit values in both the exposure media (soil, water, sediment) and the food web.

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