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The Multi Annual Measurement Programme Air 1995-1998

Het Meerjaren Meetprogramma Lucht 1995-1998


This report describes the measurement activities in ambient air in the framework of policy-making, policy themes, policy questions, legislation and reports on environmental quality (for instance the Environmental Balance). The measurement activities concern the systematic activities in the Dutch National Air Quality Monitoring Network as well as other measurement activities. Comparing the activities with demands and questions leads to the definition of about sixty action items. The report concludes with an indicative priority setting for the action items. This priority setting is supposed to serve as a guidance for the definition of future activities. The following activities have been defined as priorities: evaluation and optimization of the regional network configurations for ozone, nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide, evaluation of the measurement strategies for ammonia and the chemical composition of precipitation, improvement of the instruments for the sampling of volatile organic components, research into the use of black smoke as an indicator for PAH, flexibilization of the measurement activities and improvement and enhancement of the (technical) information on measurement activities.

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