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Bioavailability of dioxins and furans from soil

Biobeschikbaarheid van dioxinen en furanen uit verontreinigde grond


An experiment to estimate the absolute bioavailability of dioxins and furans from soil in dogs is described. To two dogs a solution of several dioxins and furans was administered intravenously ; the plasma levels were determined over a period of 190 days after administration. Two other dogs were fed for 60 days with dog food, mixed with soil contaminated by dioxins and furans. Blood samples were regularly taken during this period after which the dogs were sacrificed for sampling their livers. From the model independent pharmacokinetic analysis of the data, no estimate could be made of the bioavailability. Therefore a simple physiologically based pharmacokinetic model (PBPK model) was developed in which the data sets of both administration regimes could be combined for estimating the elimination half lives and the absolute bioavailability of some congeners. With this model half-lives of 15 to 60 days were estimated and a bioavailaibity of 7% to 15%. As there was only a limited number of data available the results are not very reliable. However, they are in good agreement with values found for cows.

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