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24-hours total diet study 1994 - intake of iron -

Duplicaat 24-uurs voedingen 1994 - ijzerinname -


Results are presented of a study on the daily dietery intake, including drinks and drinking water, of iron. For this purpose 123 duplicate portions of 24-hours diets were collected in the Utrecht region. Two groups of volunteers were selected which, socially and in age, reflect best the Dutch adult population. One group (n=62) sampled their diets in March 1994, the other group (n=61) in September 1994. The diets were collected and homogenised whereupon subsamples were lyophilised. The iron content of the lyophilised samples was determined after decomposition of organic matter, complexing the iron with bathophenanthroline and measuring the complex with molecular absorption spectrometry. Results of replicate analyses of samples and portions of the reference material 'Brown Bread' (BCR 191) confirmed that the determinations were in line with the performance characteristics of the method. The diets sampled in spring hardly differ in iron from the diets sampled in autumn. Thus, all diets are considered as one study with 123 samples. In comparison with the 24-hour diet study of 1984/1985 the amount of 24-hour diet consumed is, on average, higher in this study, resulting in a slight raise in the iron intake. The daily dietary intake of iron measured now ranged from 3.9 to 24.5 mg, with a mean value of 9.6 mg. In comparison with the recommended dietary allowance established by the Dutch Food and Nutrition Board the mean daily intake of iron is adequate for male and female adults older than 50 years. The iron intake for female adults younger than 50 years, is considerably below the recommendation. The average iron provision of this group is even less than 60% of the amount generally considered as adequate. Therefore the relation between the iron intake and the health status of this group needs further investigation.

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