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Towards operational environmental applications using terrestrial remote sensing

Naar operationele milieutoepassingen met gebruik van terrestrische remote sensing


This report describes the results of the Netherlands Remote Sensing Board (BCRS) project 'Embedding of terrestrial remote sensing applications at RIVM'. The project was aimed first of all at fulfilling the requirements set up in the inventory on remote sensing as data source for environmental research, which preceded this study. Secondly, it was to realise environmental applications of terrestrial remote sensing. A number of remote sensing products were acquired and used as source materials, and reference, for creating an improved version of the RIVM European Land Use Data base. The data were stored in a meta-information system. An information infrastructure was adapted to allow remote sensing data to be entered in the existing data flow for terrestrial environmental research, and use of the data in policy-oriented environmental research. On a national scale, remote sensing was found to be an important, but not decisive, tool, especially valid for determining high-resolution land cover. On a European scale its importance as a source of land use / land cover data is much higher. The required information infrastructure needed to work with remote sensing data is present at RIVM.

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