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Pricing policy effects on traffic and transport

Effecten van prijsbeleid op verkeer en vervoer


Recently attention for pricing policy in the Netherlands and in the European Union has increased. The report gives a review of Dutch and international literature on effects of pricing measures for traffic and transport. A review is given of different types of pricing measures per vehicle category (e.g. car, lorry, aircraft, shipping, public transport, mobile equipment). Possible effects of pricing measures on vehicle ownership, vehicle use, fuel use and emissions are given. Much research has been done on effects of pricing measures on car ownership and car use , specially on effects of fuel price changes. Less is known about the effects of other pricing instruments. Some of the pricing measures give a wide range of possible effects. Two important explaining factors are: the time horizon and the level of income. Concluded is that price elasticities depend on the context in which the pricing measures are taken and in which the demand for transport develops.

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