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Inventory of surveillance after discharge in the PREZIES project

Inventarisatie van surveillance na ontslag in het PREZIES-project


The objectives were to make recommendations for a standard method of Post-Discharge Surveillance (PDS) based on an inventory of PDS methods in hospitals participating in the PREZIES project and in foreign countries. Methods were telephone interviews on the PDS methods in the participating hospitals and a literature search on PDS methods in foreign countries. Twenty hospitals participated in the inventory, representing a response of 95%, in which the validity, efficiency and feasibility of the method were assessed. The preferred PDS method would seem to be an active system of surveillance in the outpatient clinic in which the examining specialist states in writing whether a patient has a post-operative infection or not. A good alternative is the outpatient medical record review. Checkups in the outpatient clinic about 30 days after the operation is thought preferable. SSIs occurring within 30 days of the operation are concluded to be related to the operation, except infections occurring after implantations, for which the interval is one year.

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