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First collaborative study on bacteriophages in bathing waters

Eerste ringonderzoek met bacteriofagen in zwemwater


The first international collaborative study on bacteriophages in bathing waters was organised in May 1997. Sixteen European laboratories (including the organising laboratory) participated in the study. They analysed phage reference materials (RMs) for the enumeration of somatic coliphages (RMs containing èX174), F-specific RNA phages (RMs containing MS2) and phages of Bacteroides fragilis (RMs containing B40-8). The reference materials were found to fulfil the criteria for stability and homogeneity and were considered suitable for the collaborative study. During a discussion with the participating laboratories about the results of the study, the group concluded to exclude some data from further statistical analysis because of technical problems which occurred at the laboratorium level when analysing the samples. Analysis of the remaining data showed the following values of repeatability (r): 1.35 - 1.38 and reproducibility (R): 1.52 - 2.04. These values are close to the theoretical optimum. This indicates that the participating laboratories were able to apply the present methods for the enumeration of the three types of bacteriophages on phage reference materials.

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