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Model Catalog Outlook 1997

Model Catalogus Verkenningen 1997


In the involved institutes an inventory has been made of all the models applied in the latest outlooks by the planning agencies in The Netherlands. Complementary a diagram showing all the relations between the different models has been designed. Considering the total set of models some initial conclusions effecting further development of prognostic tools for the physical environment have been drawn. The spatial resolution along the modelling chain increases from the economic and demographic models (regional scale) towards the ecological and human effect models (500-m grid scale). For effect models detailed spatial information, especially on the allocation of the different activities e.g. new housing facilities and industrial areas given the economic and demographic developments in the future, is necessary. For the economic and demographic models this information is less relevant and as a result, in most cases, not available. In general, every model has been developed as an independent system which , given some input information, will estimate certain object variables. If the input is based on the output of previous models one should be aware of all the assumptions and simplifications in those previous models. Potential errors could evolve from the inconsistencies in these assumptions.

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