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Evaluation of Public Health Status and Forecasts 1997

Evaluatie van de Volksgezondheid Toekomst Verkenning 1997


After publication of PHSF 1997 an evaluation was carried out. Both the process and the product were evaluated. An inventory was drawn up of all presentations and publications resulting from PHSF 1997. Besides this, all those who co-operated in the production of PHSF 1997 have received a questionnaire asking for their opinions on PHSF 1997 and suggestions for PHSF 2001. Since the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport will carry out its own evaluation, which will be published separately, their reactions are not part of the results described here. The conclusion is that both the PHSF 1997 process and product have been appreciated. In particular, it should be useful for preparing new health policy. To increase its usefulness, the report will have to be better attuned to the main policy issues of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. To turn PHSF into a better instrument for evaluation of current policy, more quantitative policy goals should be defined. A project like PHSF should be repeated regularly in order to provide continuous information on the developments in Dutch public health and health care. Suggestions were made for both the process and content of PHSF 2001. Besides publishing the summary report every four years, it has been suggested to publish the underpinning, scientific background information on a more continuous basis instead of a total series of theme reports all at once. One may consider focusing the underlying background reports on the areas of activity of the different Ministerial secretariats. Next to an update and deepening as regards topics already worked out in PHSF 1997, it has been suggested to examine new themes in the field of health care such as organization, the need for personnel, quality, distribution, accessibility and efficiency. In addition, placing the Netherlands in an international perspective is recommended.

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