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Development of COMParative Adjuvant Selection System

Ontwikkeling van COMParative Adjuvant Selection System


In immunisation experiments in laboratory animals Freund's Complete Adjuvant (FCA) is frequently used to enhance the immune response. Besides the positive effect on the immune response, FCA may also induce severe side-effects. For this reason, the use of alternative adjuvants is suggested in several countries. To improve proper selection of an adjuvant for immunisation experiments, a study was performed to assess the development of a program, the so-called COMPASS (COMParative Adjuvant Selection System), for advanced adjuvant selection and immunisation protocol optimalisation. By including extensive literature data in the program from the many papers published on immunisation procedures in laboratory animals, an information system can be established that contains much more data than the existing databases. To complete the system using unpublished data, a questionnaire including this topic was distributed among a large number of scientists world-wide. The response to this questionnaire was about 30%. Only a few respondents cited unpublished data. The technical possibilities for creating a system for adjuvant selection was assessed by a specially designed demo, which showed that it would be technically possible to create the program, COMPASS. To complete COMPASS, extensive information will have to be included in the system, which will have to be up-dated regularly. Since this is time-consuming and specialistic, completion and operation of the COMParative Adjuvant Selection System will depend on the availability of funds for qualified personnel.

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