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Review RIVM instruments Milieubalans 1999

Review RIVM instrumentarium Milieubalans 1999


National external experts carried out a review of the methods and models used for the production of the 1999 Dutch National Environmental Balance. This would ensure an independent assessment of the scientific quality and degree of uncertainty pertaining to several themes presented in the Balance. These parts were the environmental themes Acidification, Eutrophication, Disturbance/Noise, CO2 emissions and Emissions in general. The main conclusions drawn by the reviewers are that: 1) the scientific quality for analysing trends in environmental indicators and assessing policy goals was sufficient; 2)the information on uncertainties was often based on "expert judgement"; quality assurance could be improved with more explicit documenting of sources and 3) the methods and models used might be improved on the following points:- insight into type and magnitude of uncertainties of the information obtained from other institutes, - the institutional setting for the formal establishment of emission figures, -explicit presentation of assumptions and considerations, -more information is needed from more detailed monitoring networks to support some conclusions on the deposition of ammonia and the manure load on specific soil types. The complete reports of the individual reviewers as well as the RIVM response to the remarks and recommendations given are contained in this report.

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