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Risk analysis fuel pontoons

Risico-analyse brandstofpontons


A generic, quantitative risk assessment was carried out according to the standard method in the 'Purple Book' to determine the risks posed by pontoons used for supplying fuel to watercraft. The pontoon is assumed to be situated in a yacht basin accessible only to pleasure boats, and the tank lorry during unloading assumed to be protected against external impact from passing traffic. The reference system defined consists of a concrete pontoon with a relatively large capacity and a high volume of trade. Applying the reference pontoon system led to individual risk contours of 10-5 and 10-6 per year, which almost coincide. The distance of these risk contours to both the pontoon and the tank lorry is about 20 metres. The risk posed by the pontoon is largely determined by the pool fire within the pontoon and a rupture in the loading hose, which could take place during transhipment from the tank lorry to the pontoon.

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