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Traffic and transportation in the National Environmental Outlook 5

Verkeer en vervoer in de Nationale Milieuverkenning 5


The fifth National Environmental Outlook describes the supposed developments in the quality of the environment in the Netherlands during the 2000-2030 period. This report is a background document for the traffic and transportation sector and presents estimated levels of energy use, emissions and costs for the period 1995-2030. The environmental problems most difficult to tackle are climate change and noise nuisance from transportation. The emissions of pollutants causing acidification decrease since the mid eighties thanks to partly already implemented policies. This trend will continue. After 2020 emissions will stabilize or increase, unless additional policies are implemented. Emissions of pollutants causing local air quality problems will decrease strongly. But after 2010 the emissions of PM10 will stabilize. PM10 is one of the most important pollutants causing health impacts. In the period up to 2030 total noise emissions from road, rail and air transport will increase. Noise emissions from individual passenger cars will either not or hardly decrease. Emissions from individual lorries wil decrease marginally. This decrease is not enough to compensate for the increase in road transport.

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