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Time for healthy living: health promotion for specific target groups

Tijd voor gezond gedrag; Bevordering van gezond gedrag bij specifieke groepen


Lifestyle factors and determinants of behaviour in specific target groupsomic groups are important target groups for health promotion. Those in low socio-economic groups have, comparatively speaking, the most unfavourable profile when it comes to lifestyle. In health policy documents, the need for focusing on specific target groups, in particular, migrants and low socio-economic groups, is emphasised. There is, however, a gap between proposed actions in health policy and actual local practice, where interventions take place. Important reasons for there being insufficient attention paid to specific target groups are the lack of political support for health promotion at the local level, and insufficient funds and professional capacity. In the near future, to cut across the unfavourable trends in risk behaviour in several specific target groups, changes in health promotion policy and practice are needed. Health Promotion can react to these unfavourabl trends, offering tailor-made services to specific target groups. In cooperation with the different parties involved, authorities should be able to create an environment where people are capable of making healthy choices and empowered to take their own responsibility in healthy and happy living.

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