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Pest Control Products Fact Sheet

Factsheet Ongediertebestrijdingsmiddelen Ten behoeve van de schatting van de risico's voor de consument


Mathematical models are available to assess the exposure of compounds in consumer products. The computer program CONSEXPO (Consumer Exposure) is used for the calculations. Given the huge number of consumer products, it is not possible to define an exposure assessment of every product separately, and a limited number of main categories containing similar products are therefore defined. The information on each main category is described in a fact sheet. Paint, cosmetics, children's toys and floor covering are examples of main categories for which fact sheets have already been prepared. This fact sheet provides information on the use of pest control products by consumers. This use is described for eight product categories including sprays, dusting, repellents, electric evaporation and baits. Information is given about the composition and the use of products within a product category. For the exposure assessment of compounds in pest control products, default models and default values were determined for all eight product categories.

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