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Report on the eighth workshop organised by CRL-Salmonella

Rapport van de achtste workshop georganiseerd door CRL-Salmonella


The eighth workshop organised by the Community Reference Laboratory for Salmonella (CRL-Salmonella) was held from 14 to 16 May 2003 in Bilthoven (the Netherlands).The representatives from the National Reference Laboratories for Salmonella (NRLs-Salmonella) of the Candidate Countries of the EU were present on the 14th and 15th of May 2003. The representatives of the NRLs-Salmonella of the EU Member States joined the workshop at 15 and 16 May. The candidate member states presented themselves with a presentation about research on Salmonella in their own countries. Presentations about the EU enlargement and the Zoonoses Directive were given as well as the results of two collaborative studies, organised by the CRL-Salmonella. On the third day of the workshop two sessions entitled: "Antibiotic Resistance" and "Standardisation of detection methods" were organised. An introduction on both subjects was given by experts, whereupon the content of the presentations was discussed into detail. Comparison of data on antimicrobial resistance testing is hampered by the use of different methods and interpretation criteria. The discussion held on this subject revealed that their is a need for standardisation of testing methods and harmonisation of international data. It was also discussed whether a separate method for the analysis of Salmonella in faeces should be written as an Annex to the present ISO 6579: 2002.

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