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Noise monitoring results 2003

Geluidmonitor 2003


Continuous noise measurements were made on a number of specific sites on noise from roadways, railways and a military airport at Volkel in the Netherlands. Trend measurements on road traffic noise, started in 1999 along the A2 roadway near Breukelen and were continued in 2000 up to 2003. A similar measurement site was introduced in 2003 at the A10 roadway in Amsterdam where the effect of porous asphalt was estimated. The measurements were combined with traffic volume figures in order to determine the source strength of different vehicle categories. Also measurements on railway lines were conducted along the track between Utrecht and Amsterdam. Furthermore results are given as obtained at a newly set up measurement site in february 2004 along the track between Delft and Schiedam. Here measurements in 2003 concerning the various train categories for each passage were used in order to determine between noise emissions of different stock. Finally results are given of the monitoring of the noise load by aircraft operation near the military airport base Volkel in the Netherlands that started in 2000 en was continued in 2003.

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