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Realised energy savings 1995 -2002

Gerealiseerde energiebesparing 1995 -2002


In this report the realised energy savings in the Netherlands for the period 1995-2002 are presented for the sectors households, industry, agriculture, services, transport, refineries and electricity and for the national level. First a short description is given of the 'Protocol Monitoring Energy savings', a common methodology and database to calculate the amount of energy savings, that has been set up earlier by four Dutch institutes CPB, ECN, Novem and RIVM. Results are presented for savings on final energy use, for conversion in end-use sectors (co-generation) and for conversion in the energy sector. National savings of 1,0% per year are found, with a decreasing tendency in recent years. Much attention is given to the uncertainty margins that result from the uncertainty in the input data and the 'quality' of the variable that is used to calculated the reference energy use (without savings). It proves not possible to supply a reliable saving figure for final energy use in the services sector. On the other hand the savings from better conversion can be calculated quite well. Overall a margin of +/- 0,3% is found for the national yearly saving figure. Next to savings an analysis has also been made of volume- and structural effects with respect to energy consumption, energy-intensity developments and other relevant factors in different sectors. Finally savings have been put in perspective: savings in comparison with that of the EU-countries, the contribution of savings to the reduction of the CO2-emissions and a comparison with other evaluation studies.

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