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ConsExpo - Consumer Exposure and Uptake Models -Program Manual

ConsExpo - Consumenten blootstellings- en opnamemodellen - Programma handleiding


This report provides guidance to the use of ConsExpo 4.0, successor to ConsExpo 3.0, a computer program that was developed to assist in the exposure assessment of compounds in non-food consumer products. The wide range of available consumer products is associated with an even wider variation in consumers and product use. Measured data on exposure to compounds in products is not always available. In the absence of these data, ConsExpo 4.0 can be used to estimate the exposure for different exposure scenarios. The program offers a number of generally applicable exposure models and a database with data on exposure factors for a broad set of consumer products. Together, database and models provide the tools to assess exposure for a wide range of consumer products, whereby only basic additional information on product composition and the physicochemical properties of the compound of interest are needed. Moreover, ConsExpo 4.0 can be used to obtain insight in the factors affecting exposure levels to compounds in consumer product by using the tools of sensitivity analysis and probabilistic calculation. In the development of the fourth version of the program special effort has been taken to improve transparency and ease of use of the software. This report provides an overview of ConsExpo 4.0, an explanation of the available exposure and uptake models in ConsExpo 4.0 and important notes on the interpretation of the exposure assessment.

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