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Postlaunch Monitoring of Functional Foods - Methodology development (III)

Postlaunch Monitoring van functionele voedingsmiddelen - methodologie ontwikkeling (III)


The recognized importance of a detection system of potential health hazards of functional foods consumption has led to the development of methods carrying out the initial phases of such a system. Special focus was placed on feasible methods, key players and the tasks and competences of the players. Although functional food consumption may imply benefits for the user, potential health risks cannot be excluded and should be monitored after launch. A Postlaunch Monitoring system (PLM) provides a means for investigating these health effects. The first phase concerns the passive 'smoke' signaling, i.e. detection of any potential health hazard, based on the registration and evaluation of consumer complaints. Second, active signaling has to be implemented on the basis of the exploration and interpretation of existing and/or emerging data on both exposure and effects. Systematic prioritizing and operating are important in this phase. On the basis of the outcomes of active and passive signaling parts, decisions will have to be taken about whether or not to proceed with further PLM activities.

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