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PM10: Validation and equivalence 2006

PM10: Validatie en equivalentie 2006


In the Dutch National Air Monitoring Network (LML) particulate matter (PM10) is measured at various locations across the Netherlands. In order to ensure the quality of these PM10-measurements two major activities have been carried out. First, in the course of 2006 procedures, device configurations and settings in the Monitoring Network have been checked thoroughly. The observations have led to a revalidation of measurement results. The effect of this revalidation on earlier reported measurement values is minor. However, the measurement uncertainty is reduced due to the revalidation. Secondly, an equivalence study has been carried out to determine the equivalence between automatic PM10-measurements and the EU reference method. Based on this study the automatic PM10-measurements in the Dutch National Air Monitoring Network have been calibrated. Hence, making use of the interim EU calibration factor is no longer needed. The demonstration of equivalence between the automatic and reference method is performed conform the recommendations of the Clean Air For Europe (CAFE) steering group. New calibrations have been determined for both regional and urban situated sites. The consequence of this new calibration on the measurements on regional location after 2003, used for the making of the 2006 Generic Concentrations for the Netherlands (GCN-cards), is less than 1 mug/m3. With both the revalidation of historic measurements and the results of the equivalence study, uncertainties in PM10 measurements have declined and comply with required quality requirements.

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