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A comparison of atmospheric transport models for traffic emissions

Een vergelijking van modellen voor de atmosferische verspreiding van verkeersemissies


This report presents the results of an intercomparison study of six atmospheric transport models for traffic situations in the Netherlands. A number of test cases were defined in consultation with the model owners in which the input parameters to the models, such as emissions, meteorological conditions and road characteristics. Two base cases were defined: one for roadways and one for urban roads, along with a number of variants on these two base cases. The variants, for example, consisted of different meteorological conditions, different background concentrations and the presence of a noise barrier. The model owners calculated - for both base cases and variants - the annual concentration of NO2 and PM10 and the number of days in which the daily threshold of 50 ug/m3 of PM10 is exceeded. For the roadway test cases annual levels of NO2 and PM10 calculated by the different models are within about 10% of the average of all model results. The large difference found in the number of exceedence days was caused by the difference in the methods used to derive the exceedence days. When using one standard method, as in the Dutch regulations, this difference fell to within 30%. Because of technical reasons only the "street canyon" variant was considered for urban roads. In this variant the model results were between 10% and 15% for NO2 and PM10, respectively, of the average of all models. If the contribution of the road alone is considered (i.e. comparing the concentrations without the prescribed background concentration), the models differ by a factor of 2 to 3 and the number of exceedence days for PM10 by a factor of 2.

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