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Nitrosamines released from rubber crumb

Nitrosaminen in rubbergranulaat


RIVM cooperated with HGM, the Municipal Health Service for Gelderland (a province in the Netherlands) in a study to measure nitrosamines in the air above synthetic grass playing fields. HGM had commissioned this study to ascertain if nitrosamines present in rubber granulate could pose a risk for sportsmen and -women. Measurements were taken at heights of 30 and 100 cm above four football fields located in Arnhem in the Netherlands. In none of the four football fields was there evidence of nitrosamines in the air above the field. Additional laboratory tests showed that nitrosamines could be set free from the material, but in small amounts only. Therefore RIVM can conclude that nitrosamines do not pose a health risk to users of these synthetic grass football fields.

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