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The colors of ageing - Economic aspects of health and health care

Veelkleurig grijs - Economische aspecten van volksgezondheid en zorg


This inaugural lecture deals with some health economic aspects of ageing. The 'red herring' debate is highlighted and demonstrated for the Dutch situation. Increased longevity is proven to lower the upward shift in health expenditure. From a normative perspective on health economics the role of health care costs in life years gained is discussed. It is argued that these costs inherently belong to state of the art economic evaluations, especially from the perspective of prevention. Given the importance of these costs, however, it is also concluded that from a societal perspective other costs and benefits should be included, such as productivity costs and economic benefits in the field of health promotion. It is important to implement economic insights in health policy and health care practice, for in the end everybody will benefit from that. Health is wealth.

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