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Air quality in the Netherlands in 2008

Jaaroverzicht Luchtkwaliteit 2008


Results from the Dutch National Air Quality Monitoring Network (LML) show that in 2008 some exceedances of a few European air quality limit values were measured in the Netherlands. However,similar to 2007, the exceedances were less high and frequent than some years before due to more favorable weather conditions. incidently, high concentrations did occur this year. Especially during both the 2007th and 2008th New Year's Eve, when a very high level of PM10 occurred inside, and even outside, many urban areas due to a combination of fireworks, mist and low windspeeds. Ozone concentrations above the alert threshold (smog alert) were not observed in 2008. Exceedance of limit values for nitrogen dioxide occured especially at traffic dominated monitoring sites. Nitrogen dioxide concentrations at rural backgroud locations remained fairly stable during the last few years and are lower than the limit value. The maximum number of days with PM10-concentrations above the limit value is not exceededed at any of the monitoring sites in 2008. On average, the 2008 year average concentrations PM10 declined with approximately 2 ug/m3 compared to 2007.

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