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Intercomparison Contracted Partner Institutes for Nuclear Emergency 2007

Ringonderzoek waakvlaminstituten kernongevallenbestrijding 2007


The quality of the so-called Contracted Partner Institutes (CPI's) is amply complying with the objectives. Nonetheless, some desirable improvements remain, especially issues concerning the calibration of the measuring equipment. These issues emerged during an investigation performed by RIVM, in which the quality of the analysis of water and air samples was tested. In the Netherlands there are eight CPI's, evenly spread across the country, who can inform the government about radioactivity in air and water. The CPI's are part of the Dutch National Plan for Nuclear Emergency Planning and Response, which has been drawn up after the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl. RIVM is coordinating the activities of the CPI's. The Contracted Partner Institutes are tested on a two-yearly base by way of intercomparisons. In these intercomparisons, testing is done on both the timely reporting of the results and on the agreement with the reference value within pre-defined boundaries. Most CPI's were able to deliver the air results within two hours, and the water results within 24 hours. The results of the air samples for one institue were outside the pre-defined boundaries. Four samples were prepared for the intercomparison: an aerosol filter, a charcoal filter, a charcoal cartridge and a water sample. All four contained radionuclides characteristic for nuclear accidents.

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