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Design of the National Public Health Status and Forecast 2014

Ontwerprapport Volksgezondheid Toekomst Verkenning 2014


Every four years, the National Institute of Pubic Health and the Environment reports on the current and future health status of the Dutch population. This report, the Public Health Status and Forecast report (PHSF), will be used to inform public health policy of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. The current report describes the design of the PHSF, presenting both the topics that will be highlighted in the new edition and the way these topics will be dealt with. As such it details the plans as presented in the definition report, issued in 2011. The sixth edition of the PHSF will become available in 2014. Social participation As in previous editions, the PHSF-2014 will address the following topics: health, disease, determinants of health, prevention, health care, health differences, and regional and international comparisons. In addition, it will address 'social participation', focussing in particular on participation in the labour market, voluntary work, education and informal care. Social participation is not only important for the well-being and self-management of healthy people, but also for people with a disease. For them to be able to continue participation in the labour market also makes sense economically. All the information will subsequently be used in forecasting the future. This forecast is based on a combination of quantitative projections and narrative scenario analyses. Communication The PHSF-2014 will consist of a series of reports, including a summary report and four thematic reports. The themes of these reports are: health and social participation, prevention in health care, social costs and benefits of health, and the role of citizens. This last theme concerns people's responsibility for their own health, participation in local policy, and the position of patients in health care. Next to the reports, the results of the PHSF-2014 will be distributed through various other media, such as scientific articles and websites.

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