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Policy framework for population screening for cancer

Beleidskader Bevolkingsonderzoeken naar Kanker 2011


The policy framework is an instrument used by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) to set out the criteria for population screening for cancer to the organisations concerned. The framework is supplementary to regulations stipulated elsewhere. The aim of the framework is to safeguard the quality of the population screening, monitor the data documentation for further evaluation and to improve the population studies themselves. The criteria are obligations bound to the financial subsidies provided by the RIVM to the organisations implementing the studies. Some of the most important criteria are as follows: - Registration and certification so that the fulfilment of the required demands can be determined at all times; - A few criteria for ensuring a national uniform implementation of the population screening;-? A degree of transparency as called for within the framework of Healthcare Governance for standard care institutions

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