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Database of use of biocides in various economic sectors : Inventory of registered and off-label uses

Database biocidengebruik in verschillende bedrijftypes : Inventarisatie van toegelaten en niet-toegelaten middelen


The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) of the Netherlands is responsible for supervising and enforcing government regulations on the use of biocides. Upon request of the ILT, the RIVM has developed a system that specifies which biocides may be used in the various economic sectors. The system distinguishes between biocides that are registered, those that are not registered and those that are registered but not used according to the manufacturer's specifications. For the purposes of the report, the last two types of biocides are grouped together under the term 'off-label' biocides.

All of the data collected were inserted into a database. Each biocide was linked to economic sectors based on the intended use of the respective biocide. The number of off-label biocides that each economic sector possibly uses is presented as a percentage of the total package of biocides used by that economic sector. The ILT can use these data to identify those economic sectors having the highest potential for off-label biocide use. This inventory provides only an indication of the potential for use of these off-label biocides - at this stage the actual extent of the use of off-label biocides is still unknown. Based on these data, however, the ILT can select those economic sectors in which the use of off-label biocides seems to be relatively high as targets for further enforcement measures.

he database contains biocides that are registered in the Netherlands, Belgium and United Kingdom. Those biocides registered abroad, but not in the Netherlands, are tagged as off-label biocides in the database. Other biocides included in the database are those with a temporary license for use in the Netherlands, those which have been taken off the market and those available on the Internet despite being unregistered.

This report describes the database and how the study was conducted. For illustrative purposes, a number of core tables are included in the report.

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