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Proposal for Intervention Values soil and groundwater for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th series of compounds

Voorstellen voor herziening van interventiewaarden voor bodem en grondwater voor de 2e, 3e en 4e tranche stoffen


RIVM has evaluated the so-called Intervention Values for soil and groundwater. This evaluation is necessary in order to implement new scientific knowledge and model improvements in the derivation of these values and therefore to maintain the quality of the standards. Intervention Values are national soil quality standards which are used to determine seriously contaminated sites. Seriously contaminated sites have to be remediated according to the Soil Protection Act. The Intervention Values are derived for both soil as well as groundwater. For the derivation of Intervention Values, the concentration in soil and groundwater is determined for which unacceptable risks for humans and the ecosystem exist. The most stringent value of both determines the new intervention value. Additionally, RIVM determined situations in which organisms are exposed to high concentrations of a compound through bioaccumalution in the foodchain, the socalled secondary poisoning. The first Intervention Values were derived in the nineties for the first of four series of compounds. For 66 compounds from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th series of compounds revision of the Intervention Values is currently needed. Due to limits in time, 16 most urgent compounds were selected. These are, for example, compounds that are often found at contaminated sites. The 16 compounds that have been evaluated are antimony, barium, boron, selenium, thallium, tin (inorganic), vanadium, three organotin compounds, cis- and transdichlororethene, free cyanide, thiocyanate, chloride and sulphate. For three of these compounds the derived proposals for Intervention Values in this report have become more stringent and the proposals for Intervention Values for four other compounds are stated as less stringent. For several compounds, the derived proposals for Intervention Values were similar to the current Intervention Values. For the remaining compounds which did not have an intervention value yet, a new proposal was derived.

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