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Modelling of shipping emission first step

Modelleren van scheepvaartemissie fase 1 : Harmonisatie tussen SRM3 en SRM2 voor NOx


Currently there is no official method to calculate shipping emissions on waterways. Consequently, several parties use the standard calculation method for industry (SRM3) to calculate shipping emissions. A study undertaken by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has shown that shipping emissions can easily be calculated by the standard calculation method for road traffic (SRM2). This method is less laborious. However, some adaptations are required and the results from SRM3 calculations still have to be validated based on measurements.

It is advisable to align modelling methods for shipping emissions so that they can be legally regulated by the Regeling beoordeling luchtkwaliteit (Rbl). This study was carried out by order of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. In the next step, more tests will be done to calculate the formation of NO2.

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