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Environmental Health Complaints reported to the Municipal Health Authorities

Meldingen van milieugerelateerde gezondheidsklachten bij GGD'en : Vierde inventarisatie (2011-2012)


The RIVM has analysed the data of over nine thousand environmental health enquiries registered by the Dutch municipal health authorities (GGDs) in 2011 and 2012. As in previous years, the issue that led to the most environmental health complaints reported by the public was the indoor environment, particularly that of rented accommodation. Most complaints about the indoor environment pertain to mould, dampness, vermin and inadequate ventilation. The majority of enquiries (33 percent) were related to concerns that conditions in the indoor or outdoor environment could lead to health effects. These concerns particularly applied to the health effects associated with asbestos and mould. Respiratory complaints (19 percent) and annoyance (10 percent) due to, for example, odour or noise pollution were the second and third most mentioned health complaints, respectively. The complaints registered in 2011 and 2012 do not differ substantially, either in number, type or percentage of total complaints, from the results of the previous three surveys (2004-2010). Noteworthy is an increase in the number of enquiries about asbestos owing to the occurrence of a number of asbestos incidents and the media reporting thereof in the period under investigation.

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