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Looking back at four years of the National Approach Environment & Health

Terugblik op vier jaar Nationale Aanpak Milieu en Gezondheid (NAMG)


Between 2008 and 2012, the National Approach Environment & Health (NAMG) was carried out on the initiative of a number of Dutch ministries. The NAMG limited itself to environmental and health issues that were not covered by policy or that required extra attention. The spearheads of the NAMG were indoor environment, healthy design of the living environment, information to the public (Atlas of our Living Environment) and signaling the risks in the area of environment and health. This retrospect by the National Institute of Public Health and Environment (RIVM) shows that the awareness for the subjects mentioned is enlarged through the NAMG and the cooperation between the responsible parties stimulated. The NAMG was finished early 2013. The undersecretary for Infrastructure and Environment and the minister for Public Health, Wellbeing and Sport issued a letter with the NAMG results to the Dutch parliament. The RIVM looked at the progress of all actions undertaken within the NAMG in this report. For instance, several parties undertook action to create awareness for a better indoor environment, such as agencies for housing development, children's centers and schools, and determined which measures are needed for that. The website Atlas of our Living Environment discloses information and governmental charts about the living environment and health online for citizensand professionals. It has been built and filled with data by many parties. The website GezondOntwerpWijzer (GOW) gives information and inspiration to everyone who wants to design and equip the living environment in a healthy way. For most actions it is too early to determine the benefits in practical terms. This report describes the point we are at now. The parties that worked on (parts of) the NAMG were diverse; governments, administrative offices, (semi-)public organizations (e.g. housing corporations, schools, knowledge institutes, interest groups and business companies). The ministries asked them to establish responsibilities and actions for the NAMG spearheads and execute these actions. They also collected the knowledge and information needed and made this available to others.

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