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Immunisation coverage National Immunisation Programme in the Netherlands : Year of report 2015

Vaccinatiegraad Rijksvaccinatieprogramma Nederland : Verslagjaar 2015


As in previous years, the participation for the different vaccinations included in the National Immunisation Programme (NIP) is with 92 to 99 per cent high in report year 2015. Exception is the HPV vaccination against cervical cancer, for which the participation continued to increase compared to report year 2014 (to 61 per cent). The participation for hepatitis B vaccination for children born in 2012, the first year in which all infants were eligible for hepatitis B vaccination, is 94 per cent. The participation among infants from the Caribbean Netherlands for the DTaP-IPV, MMR and pneumococcal vaccination is also high.

The participation for MMR vaccination for 9-year-olds (93 per cent) is identical to participation for DTaP vaccination this time; usually participation for MMR vaccination is slightly lower. This is an improvement but the required participation is not reached. A participation of at least 95 per cent is important because of the aim of the World Health Organization (WHO) to eliminate measles worldwide. Such a high vaccination is important to protect the general population against outbreaks (herd immunity).

To protect infants effectively against diseases of the NIP it is also important to give vaccinations on time. The proportion of infants that received the first DTaP-IPV vaccination on time, i.e. before they are 10 weeks old, increased further to 89 per cent. In addition, the timely and full participation in the primary DTaP-IPV series (the first three vaccinations) improved from 60 per cent for children born in 2007 to 69 per cent for children born in 2012.

With voluntary vaccination, a high vaccination coverage is reached in the Netherlands.

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