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Healthy living environment, healthy people

Gezonde leefomgeving, gezonde mensen


The National Spatial Agenda (NOA) and the National Spatial Vision (NOVI) are developed on request of of the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment (IenM). These instruments are an integral part of the implementation process of the Environment and Planning Act and describe the parameters and desired developments for a healthy and sustainable living environment. RIVM has contributed to the NOA by describing the relationship between the living environment and health and by identifying future challenges and opportunities for healthy living environments.

It is known that the design of the living environment can provide incentives for healthier behaviour. To effectively achieve a healthy living environment, it is important that the relevant stakeholders interact and cooperate with each other. Besides an integral approach, it is important that the plans meet user requirements. Therefore citizens have to be involved actively in the planning process.

There are many ways to promote a healthy living environment. It is important that the government continues to invest in improving environmental quality (health prevention). In addition, policy should focus on a physical and social environment that promotes healthy behaviour. For example, an environment that encourages the elderly to go outside, move around and meet others (health promotion).

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