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Preparing 'Information Houses' for the Digital Systems Environment and Planning Act (DSO) : Report on the coordination in 2016

Op weg naar Informatiehuizen voor het Digitaal Stelsel Omgevingswet : Verslag van de coördinatie in 2016


The Environment and Planning Act simplifies environmental law and makes it more accessible. The idea is to establish 10 so-called 'Information Houses' for various domains (noise, air, soil, water, waste management, cultural heritage, nature, external safety, construction, and spatial planning) and to store information per domain in each Information House. Once a decision is taken to establish the Information Houses, these houses will supply information to the Digital Systems Environment and Planning Act (DSO) for each domain. This framework is being developed in order to facilitate the implementation of the Environment and Planning Act. The Information Houses will improve the availability and quality of the information that is needed for the Environment and Planning Act processes, such as the granting of permits and development of plans.

In 2016, RIVM was tasked with supervising the development of the Information Houses in the initial so-called analytical phase. This is the first of the three phases that were formulated for the purpose of establishing the Information Houses. The report at hand describes and accounts for the work carried out in this first phase. The design of the standard Information Houses (reference architecture) has been defined. In addition, a study was carried out on the quality of the information. These and other underlying studies are contained in the appendix.

This report also describes other activities carried out to facilitate the work at hand. This includes providing support and advice to the intergovernmental decision-making body for the implementation programme 'Environment and Planning Act in practice' (Programme Board/Commissioning Body), assistance in the granting of orders, and working out the details of a Work Plan for 2017. RIVM has noticed that the process is not proceeding as quickly as desired and gives several recommendations in that regard. For example, the momentum of the work carried out on the Information Houses until now should be taken advantage of and the direction that needs to be taken made more explicit in order to take concrete steps for establishing the Information Houses.

To reference/ cite  this report use:  DOI 10.21945/RIVM-2017-0098

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