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Gamma radiation level measurements around the site of COVRA N.V. at Borsele with the MONET network in 2017

Gammastralingsniveaumetingen aan de terreingrens van COVRA N.V. te Borsele in 2017 met het MONET-meetnet


This report contains an erratum d.d. 08-10-2018 on page 41

In 2017, the radiation level in 2017 caused by gamma radiation at the site boundary of the COVRA N.V., the Central Organisation for Radioactive Waste, was below the maximum permitted level of 40 microsievert per year. The maximum measured gamma dose is 3,0 microsievert per year. This is the result of measurements carried out by RIVM. RIVM is tasked by the Authority of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS) to annually report on whether COVRA N.V. meets the criterion set out in its operating license. COVRA N.V. needs to ensure that the maximum effective dose received by persons outside the boundary of COVRA N.V. does not exceed 40 microsievert annually, as is stipulated in the operating license. In order to determine the maximum effective dose, the gamma radiation is measured at twelve locations along the site boundary. The measurements are carried out within the framework of the MONET monitoring network, which falls under the administrative management of the RIVM. The measurements are analyzed by subtracting the natural background value. The resulting measurement data are corrected with the so-called "Actuele Blootstelling Correctiefactor" (ABC-factor). An ABC-factor takes into account the specific use of the area where the gamma dose may be incurred. This translates into a maximum effective dose of 3.0 microsievert per year, which is far below the maximum permitted yearly gamma dose. In this report the daily averages of the radiation dose recorded by the MONET-monitors at the boundary of COVRA N.V. in 2017 are shown, and an explanation is given of how the background level at each measuring location was determined.


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