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Monte Carlo Risk Assessment (MCRA) computational model: maintenance and management 2017

Monte Carlo Risk Assessment (MCRA) rekenmodel: onderhoud en management 2017


This report describes the adjustments made regarding the Monte Carlo Risk Assessment (MCRA) computational model implemented by RIVM and Wageningen University & Research in 2017. MCRA is a computational model that presently gives the most realistic chemical intake via food, and that can evaluate possible health risks. The model is available for registered users via the internet (https://mcra.rivm.nl).

The current operable version of MCRA is version 8.2. In 2017, several new functionalities were added to this version to improve the exposure assessment to single chemicals or chemical mixtures via food. Within MCRA also the link was improved between the exposure estimates and calculations that indicate at which dose a harmful effect of a compound can occur (dose-response models). This link is an important part of an integrated risk assessment. These new functionalities have among others been implemented as part of the partnership between RIVM and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the EU project EuroMix.

The MCRA computational model was used in 2017 to calculate the intake of lead via the total diet and of fipronil via the consumption of egg, products containing egg as an ingredient, and vegetable products. These calculations were performed by the Front Office Food and Product Safety, commissioned by the Dutch Food and Product Safety Authority. The Front Office also used MCRA to perform an integrated risk assessment of titanium dioxide nanoparticles based on the exposure via food. Furthermore, MCRA was used to calculate the intake of various chemicals that may be present in food, such as bisphenol A, mineral oils and mixtures of pesticides.


To reference/ cite  this report use:  DOI 10.21945/RIVM-2017-0081

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