Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a growing problem throughout the world. Insight into current national AMR problems is a prerequisite for an effective and targeted approach to AMR. However, not all European countries have a national surveillance network for AMR as yet. This was the reason for setting up the CAESAR project. CAESAR stands for Central Asian and Eastern European Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance.

  • Cervical cancer screening programme

    Screening for cervical cancer focuses on women between thirty and sixty years old. Once every five years, women in this age group are invited for participation.
    The aim of the screening is the early detection of cervical cancer and the conditions that lead to cervical cancer.

  • ChemKAP

    The Quality Programme for Agricultural Products (KAP). This site presents the latest KAP-report about residue monitoring in the Netherlands. It also contains useful information regarding residue policy, residue regulations and quality management in the Dutch agribusiness.

  • Circular economy

    Transforming waste into raw materials for new products through reuse or recycling of these products or the substances that were used. A circular economy is about closing product chains to preserve raw materials and their value for as long as possible. The use of biomass as a renewable raw material for products and energy (bio-based economy) plays an important role in making the circular economy carbon-neutral.

  • Clinical vaccine studies
  • Colorectal cancer screening programme
  • ConsExpo

    ConsExpo is a computer program that enables the estimation and assessment of exposure to substances from consumer products such as paint, cleaning agents and personal care products. The model is developed by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment.

  • Consumer exposure to chemical substances

    Consumers are frequently exposed to chemical substances in or released from everyday consumer products like paint, cosmetics, deodorant and-, cleaning products. Chemical substances in these products are not allowed to be a concern for human health.

  • Coordination Centre for Effects (CCE)

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