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Chemicals and chemical products are an essential part of modern life, contributing much to economic and social prosperity. Think of industrial chemicals, nanoparticles, biocides and other chemicals used to protect crops. Innovation brings about new technological developments, whereupon new chemical and substances are introduced, or existing ones used in a different way or a different form.

Storage containers for hazardous substancesThe production, transport, storage, use and disposal of chemicals can pose risks to human health and ecosystems. There are various national and international frameworks which establish policy, guidelines and regulations designed to minimize those risks. Risk area schedules, exposure assessments and norms are all important instruments, while the registration of emissions, monitoring, modelling and (eco)toxicological research increases our knowledge of the nature and extent of potential risks.

What RIVM does

  • RIVM develops and applies knowledge to promote an innovative, safe and healthy society. We provide reliable information about chemical substances and their attendant risks to assist public sector authorities and the professional field in their various tasks.
  • We report on environmental quality in the Netherlands, and coordinate the registration of national emissions.
  • At the behest of national and international governments, RIVM also identifies (new) risks whereupon timely action can be taken to manage those risks.
  • We develop methods and models which will enhance the accuracy of risk assessments, and we help to provide the necessary technical and scientific evidence base to underpin policy on the handling of hazardous substances. RIVM takes an active part in various national and international consultation bodies in this field.
  • RIVM advises government authorities during the development and implementation of policy. We are currently helping to coordinate the Netherlands’ implementation of the new European REACH legislation: Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & Restriction of Chemicals.

In all these tasks, we work closely alongside experts from other knowledge institutes at home and abroad.

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