• Ebola

    Ebola is a rare and serious infectious disease that occurs in Africa and is accompanied by bleeding in the body. The official name of the disease is Ebola haemorrhagic fever, caused by a virus (the filovirus). Other filoviruses that may cause haemorrhagic fever are the Marburg virus and the Lassa virus.

  • Electromagnetic Fields

    Electromagnetic fields are omnipresent in daily life. They can arise as a by-product of the generation, transport and use of electricity. They can also be deliberately generated to heat materials or transmit information. RIVM conducts scientific research on exposure to electromagnetic fields, their possible health effects and risk perception and communication. RIVM also provides scientific advice and support to policy makers, mainly at the ministries responsible for public policy on sources of electromagnetic fields and their inspectorates (Infrastructure and Environment, Social Affairs and Employment, Economic Affairs, Health). RIVM also participates in international scientific organisations that evaluate the risks of electromagnetic fields.

  • European Health Information Initiative

    The WHO Regional Office for Europe and the RIVM have joined forces to improve the European health information situation and create a stronger and more sustainable information system. The European health information initiative aims to expand into a multi-partner network organization. It is active in the field of health information, including health data, indictors, monitoring and reporting as well as evidence to inform health policy.

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