The HAVNET database contains around 6000 entries with one or more sequences. Two thirds of the entries were retrieved from GenBank as reference data, the rest has been submitted by the HAVNET members.


The sequence data in the HAVNET database are accompanied by a smaller or larger set of 

  • Sample data: specimen (faeces, plasma/serum) source (from patient, environment, food)
  • Clinical data: symptoms
  • Epidemiological data: year of birth, vaccination status, travel history, part of outbreak
  • Laboratory data: sequences of VP1/2A region, VP3/VP1 region, complete capsid or complete genome

The database is accessible for members only.

Typing tool

Genotyping from any part of the Hepatitis A genome is possible with the publicly available HAV typing tool. You can paste or upload one or more HAV sequences (up to 20.000 per run) in this tool. Genotyping of the sequences is performed by using a phylogenetic algorithm.

Other sources of information

Confidentiality Agreement


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