• ICP M & M

    The International Cooperative Programme on Modelling and Mapping of Critical Levels and Loads and Air Pollution Effects, Risks and Trends

  • Industrial and environmental safety
  • Influenza

    Flu is an infectious respiratory disease caused by the flu virus (influenza virus). In everyday usage, all diseases that involve a cold, coughing and fever are called flu. This information is about the real flu caused by the influenza virus.

  • Influenza vaccination 12 November 2015
  • Information for professionals on infectious diseases

    RIVM Centre for Infectious Disease Control (CIb) performs diagnostics, surveillance and scientific research in the field of infectious diseases. This knowledge is important to gain insight in the prevalence and spread of these diseases, to set up control measures and to get information concerning the response on the measures taken.

  • Innovation

    As a knowledge institute in a dynamic, changing environment, it goes without saying that RIVM embraces innovation. After all, new problems in society require new solutions. Increasingly, we find the answers together with others, in knowledge networks or in co-creation with citizens or other interested parties. Often innovation comes about at the boundary of different disciplines.

  • International affairs
  • Interspecies

    Reducing the use of laboratory animals in research

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