Terms of reference

Antimicrobial Resistance

To assist WHO in raising awareness, strengthening knowledge, and developing and implementing guidance on antimicrobial resistance. More on our present activities

Awareness raising and Capacity building

To assist WHO in awareness raising and capacity building for monitoring and surveillance for food and waterborne pathogens. More on our present activities

Contribution to WHO Guidelines

To assist WHO in the development of guidelines for food and waterborne pathogens to human health. More on our present activities

Disease burden estimation tools in a One Health approach

To assist WHO in further development and implementation of tools for food and waterborne disease burden estimations in a One Health approach. More on our present activities

Microbial Risk Assessment

To assist WHO in development and application of microbial risk assessment  (MRA) as a component of the evidence  base for the effective control  of microbial hazards  in food and water to human health. More on our present activities
























































































































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