Food Consumption Surveys

Monitoring of food consumption forms the basis of nutrition and food policy. Food consumption surveys provide insight into the consumption of foods, the intake of energy, macronutrients and micronutrients, exposure to potentially harmful chemical substances and also into dietary trends of a population.

Collecting Data

To effectively develop and evaluate health, nutrition and food safety policy, data from food consumption surveys is needed, together with data on the composition of foods and dietary supplements and information on nutritional status. Furthermore, food consumption surveys provide information that is useful for education programmes on nutrition, scientific research in the field of nutrition and health and the promotion of healthier food development. Data on food consumption and nutritional status of the general Dutch population and of specific groups in that population have been collected periodically since 1987.

International approach

The availability of harmonised and detailed food consumption data at European level has been widely recognised as essential in order to improve the consistency and reliability of exposure assessments carried out by EFSA Panels and other experts in Europe. In addition, many nutritional problems require an international approach. In this respect, the Dutch Food Consumption Survey (DNFCS) follows the guidelines of EFSA for conduction a national food consumption survey in the view of a pan-European dietary survey.

Subfields of expertise and leading staff


Subfield of expertise



Coordination of the Dutch National Food Consumption Survey


Caroline van Rossum,
Marga Ocké,
Evelien de Boer


Dietetic expertise in the Dutch National Food Consumption Survey


Maryse Niekerk,
Henny Brants,
Elly Buurma,
Coline Oosterhout,
Agnes Roos,
Jose Drijvers


Data management in the Dutch National Food Consumption Survey


Jan van der Laan,
Zohreh Etemad,
Ido Toxopeus,
Robert Jan de Klein


Dietary assessment methodology


Marga Ocké,
Caroline van Rossum,
Evelien de Boer,
Henny Brants,
Maryse Niekerk,
Elly Buurma


International harmonisation


Marga Ocké,
Evelien de Boer,
Caroline van Rossum,
Maryse Niekerk,
Henny Brants,
Zohreh Etemad


 Estimation of habitual intake (SPADE)


Arnold Dekkers,
Janneke Verkaik-Kloosterman,
Marga Ocké,
Caroline van Rossum

Main forthcoming activities

Every six years extensive food consumption surveys are conducted among persons aged 1 to 79 years (so-called core survey). Also, additional research on specific topics depending on policy needs is planned. The main ongoing activities are:

  • Reporting on diet of children and adults aged 1-79, Dutch National Food Consumption Survey (2018)
  • Reporting on diet of Surinamese, Turkish, Moroccan and ethnic Dutch adults in Amsterdam (2014)
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